in the spirit of Go Give these leaders share their insights and wisdom...

Thriving While Surviving!

Eileen Huffman, Priscilla McPheeters, and Julie Oltjen

Have you ever been at a place in your life when you feel just to "survive" is to succeed?  Then you will be BLESSED by hearing Julie Oltjen's "Thriving while surviving!" You may remember Julie.....she is a personal recruit and offspring Sales Director of Eileen Huffman....Julie was on dialysis for three years until she received a new kidney this time last year! (I was the blessed donor!) Happy Julie spoke at our most recent "Taste of Success" workshop.  You'll be inspired and motivated by her fifteen minute talk on how to "Thrive while Surviving!"

Eileen Huffman's Guest Night Speech

Eileen Huffman’s amazing Guest Night speech delivered at the Overland Park Convention Center on November 3, 2006, is one we will never forget. More than 50 cancer survivors were on hand among the 600+ packed house to watch and listen as Eileen shared from her heart.

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Cherishing The Mary Kay Opportunity, by Fumi Shinomiya

A little over four years ago, my dear friend and former consultant, Fumi Shinomiya, visited the January 2006 Cadillac Class and shared her experience in returning to Japan to pioneer the Mary Kay opening in Japan, rising to Director and National Sales Director, and the sadness and loss experienced when Mary Kay had to pull out of Japan. She is extremely grateful to Mary Kay for the opportunity and the experiences she gained, while also sharing why the business failed to thrive in Japan, the lessons we can take from it, and the importance to never take for granted the opportunity Mary Kay created but remain always vigilant to preserve and protect the opportunity as Mary Kay intended it to be.

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