Leading the way... the Mary Kay way...

Balance: a discipline rather than a destination, by Jeff McPheeters

[this was written seven or eight years ago, I believe, for one of our newsletters, perhaps. I think it still may serve to offer this husband’s perpective on his wife’s Mary Kay career as well as to give husbands recently exposed to this Mary Kay business a longer view from one who has been an active observer for 20 years.]

"In the early stages of the new millenium everyone is busy, busy, busy. Despite time saving gadgets, fast food, flextime jobs, few of us feel we have enough time to do everything we want.Most of us are caught in the out-of-balance trap. What are the symptoms of being out of balance? Poor health, relationship problems or making a good income without accumulating wealth may be warning signs.We give lip service to having balance in our lives. Yet, some of us work 60 or more hours per week, including weekends, and do not understand why our relationships are not working. Others earn an above-average income and have very little to show for it after many years of working. Still others have professional success, and yet their health is poor." ~Richard Geno, August 2002 issue of Advisor Today magazine and founder of The Socratic Coach and creator of The Balanced Life Program.

That opening segue into an excellent article by Mr. Geno caught my attention. The very day I was reading Richard’s article, Priscilla asked me what I thought of her work style and whether I felt she worked MORE than she did when she was a new director. She went on to mention a conversation she shared with another fairly new director whose very supportive husband had legitimate concerns as to the amount of time his wife was devoting to Mary Kay and whether it was due to the recent promotion or if this was the way it was always going to be. Read More...

Seminar, and how not to drive your husband crazy! by Jeff McPheeters

[note: this was written several years ago, but I think it is something that is good to re-read, especially by Mary Kay couples trying to plan for the up-coming Seminar and whether it would be worthwhile for the husband to attend!]

Seminar was fabulous this year, wasn't it? Guys, if you didn't go, you have my sympathy. You probably have sore ears from your wife's attempts to somehow convey the excitement from this year's extravaganza. I haven't attended every seminar, so I know what it's like to try and act enthusiastic or even interested while she describes what's hard to imagine even when you are right there!

Let's just say, it was really full: full of great inspiration, incredible entertainment, motivating speeches and unmatched energy. 'Nuff said. Read More...

How do I define LEADERSHIP? by Jeff McPheeters

[from a newsletter article I had composed more than seven years ago]

"How do you define 'LEADERSHIP,'" she asked me!

Priscilla and I were in having a discussion about leadership qualities and I had pointed out that I didn't particularly think that F.A.T. (Faithful, Available, and Teachable) consultants would automatically make good leaders. I qualified that statement by saying that I did think it indicates a good follower and that all good leaders must first be good followers! Why? Because, they would also need to CONTINUE to be good followers, looking to others in higher leadership positions in order to continue to grow and develop their leadership skills. The business of leadership, particularly servant leadership, assumes the leader is faithful, available, and teachable CONTINUALLY. But it's not what I consider to be a DISTINGUISHING characteristic of true leaders. Thus, the question was asked ...and I had to come up with an answer. Read More...