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A Pair of Red Shoes

Angela and her recruiter Merna

Hello Priscilla!  I hope this finds you enjoying your day and counting your blessings!
I want to tell you a story about a remarkable woman.  Two and a half years ago, Angela Kucera was shopping at WalMart in Omaha, NE.  A Mary Kay consultant named Merna who had recently moved from Kansas, noticed Angela's bright red shoes.  She approached her and said, "Oh, I love your shoes!  I'm from Kansas and they make me homesick! (referring to the movie "the Wizard of Oz.")  She then introduced herself and asked Angela if she had ever been treated to a Mary Kay facial.  Angela said no, that she would be delighted to receive a free facial!  Within the week, Angela had fallen in love with our wonderful product, attended a Mary Kay Success meeting and became a beauty consultant.  Since that time Angela has been a diligent Mary Kay consultant with a strong commitment to her over seventy customers.  She has recruited eleven women, and has rarely if ever missed her Monday Success meeting.
Several months ago, twenty-seven year old Angela began experiencing some disturbing physical symptoms.  After repeated tests and examinations, her doctors diagnosed her with cervical cancer.  She was immediately scheduled for radiation treatments and subsequent chemotherapy.
Shortly after her diagnosis, the man in her life whom she believed she would eventually marry, broke off the relationship.  She was then laid off by the company for whom she worked.  It was at this time that Angela realized she was COMPLETELY dependent upon her Mary Kay business for her rent, car payment, costly monthly health insurance and other expenses.  She also realized that God has a very special plan for her life. 
Angela told me, "Priscilla, if I hadn't had my Mary Kay career, I would have collapsed in hopelessness, fear and despair after my diagnosis and so many devastating losses.  But I know that God will never leave me, and I have my Mary Kay business to continue to build my dreams."
Last month in Omaha at the annual January Jumpstart, something truly AMAZING occurred. Million Dollar Director Amie Gamboian,(Angela's adopted director), NSD Deb Pike and NSD Stacy James,who were the leaders of the workshop became aware of Angela's challenges.  Between these generous leaders and the hundreds of Mary Kay consultants present, nearly FIFTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS were raised for Angela to help ease the financial stress she is under and allow her to have the resources to continue her fight to regain her health. 
I'm sure you can only imagine how OVERWHELMING this was for Angela, who was overcome with gratitude and shock!  She said to me,"The understanding that my Mary Kay family cares SO much for me is DEEPLY humbling!" 
Oh my, how Mary Kay Ash would have LOVED this wonderful story!  In her wisdom, she understood that life often involves challenges, heartbreak and disappointment.  Having lived through plenty of all three, she created a culture of support in which she could teach us how to care for one another, how to REALLY make a difference in people's lives.
Angela is SO THANKFUL that she was wearing her PRETTY RED SHOES that day in WalMart!   And she is SO THANKFUL that Merna noticed her shoes, paid her a sincere compliment and offered her a free facial! 
It's funny, how little things can mean so much.  Incredible miracles, large and small, often occur when we are "faithful in the little things!"
Angela called me last evening and said, "Priscilla, I knew my rent was due in a few days, so I got on the phone this weekend (during the blizzard) and called forty of my good customers."  Within THREE days Angela sold OVER THIRTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS~~ $700 plus in reorders, and a skin care party with three women with sales of over $500!!  
As Angela continues to receive treatment for her cancer, she knows that her Heavenly Father will care for her as she continues to trust in Him. She also knows that she will CONTINUE to enrich women's lives as a soon to be Sales Director, in Mary Kay's words, "to pass it on!"
Invited to speak at our Lawrence, KS Power Night last week, Angela told us that one of the challenges she has chosen to overcome is her fear of needles and having her blood drawn.  To remind her of God's love and care for her, she asked a friend who is a tattoo artist to tattoo her favorite Bible reference on the area of her arm from which the nurses draw blood, "In Mary Kay Cadillac PINK!" 
This is what the verse says:
"Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Do NOT be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work is finished!" 1 Chronicles 28:20.
Thank you for taking the time to read Angela's story!
Blessings and love to you today,

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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Lessons for Life from Gloria

Priscilla and Gloria

Hello! What a GLORIOUS AUTUMN DAY it is!  I hope you are enjoying it.

One of the benefits of Mary Kay I've so enjoyed over the years is the tremendous opportunities we have to be in the space of powerful, positive women.  I had such an opportunity last week in the Kansas City area with Elite Executive National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks, of Ellicott City MD.

Gloria is a dynamic Mary Kay National with a Harvard MBA and is one of our top earners in Mary Kay (over $700,000 per year).  She has been featured in FORTUNE Magazine, been on numerous television programs and just last month spoke on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on the topic of domestic violence, having been the victim of abuse in an early marriage.  Listen to her thoughts on the concept of "CHANGE."

The "C" in the word CHANGE stands for CONFIDENCE.  We must be willing to grow in our confidence!  This is such a wonderful by-product of Mary Kay.  We grow in our people skills, self esteem, skill in our business, goal setting, and a multitude of other areas.  Getting out of our "comfort zone" DOES feel a little uncomfortable, but the PRIZE is GREATER CONFIDENCE!!  Every woman I know values this quality and wishes she had more of it.

The "H" in CHANGE stands for HABITS and HARD WORK!!  When people ask me if I work hard, I always smile and tell them, "yes, I'm happy to tell you that I do work hard and am so blessed to have the stamina and health to do so."  Unlike in my former career as a motivational speaker, I CAN work hard in my Mary Kay without compromising my family and my priorities!

The "A" in CHANGE stands for ATTITUDE.  Our attitude literally determines our happiness or unhappiness in life.  It's the MOST important aspect that we bring to anything we value.....marriage, parenting, friendships, and of course our business.  No one enjoys being around a person with a negative or ungrateful attitude.

The "N" stands for the word NEED.  The MOST SUCCESSFUL people in our business are good at   finding the NEED in others, and helping them to meet that need! 

The "G" in Change stands for GOALS.  People who have clearly defined goals with a time frame invariably are happier, more energetic and less prone to boredom and depression.

The "E" in CHANGE stands for ENERGY!!  Gloria talked to us about proper exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.  People who are growing in their attitude and in goals ALSO have far more ENERGY!!

Other great thoughts from Gloria: 

PICK THE RIGHT GOAL for the right season in your life! 

TWO BOOKINGS A DAY in your Mary Kay business will take you to the PINK CADILLAC AND BEYOND!!



NURTURE your COURAGE!  Courage is SO important!!  Without it you will talk yourself out of SO MUCH JOY in LIFE!!!

Wow, thank you Gloria for being willing to pass onto us these GREAT LESSONS!!

So, here's to the RIGHT CHANGES in our lives, and to YOUR SUCCESS!!!

Priscilla McPheeters

Candy Bar Marketing


I hope you're having a great day!  Have you ever wanted to share our business opportunity with someone and didn't know how? 
Here's a  fun and creative way to share our business opportunity.  It's called the "Candy Bar Marketing" and it's something you can share at your skin care parties if you choose.
Just remember to not eat all your props!  ;-)
with love and belief in YOU,

"OK, it's time for a candy break.  I would love to share some of the advantages of having your own business.  Please pay close attention because we'll have a quiz in just a moment!"

These are some of my favorite reasons why women begin a Mary Kay business.

Pay Day represents the money we can make in Mary Kay.  What I love about this is that ANY day can be a PAYDAY.  Some women like to have a PAYDAY once a month, some once a day.  And, even if you're really part-time, this business can come in handy with unexpected expenses by spending some time on the phone to create a PAYDAY.

Big Red Gum represents the advancement and self-promotion that's available in Mary Kay.  Everyone starts exactly the same way.  It doesn't matter where you live, how old you are, what experience you bring with you.  Any Independent Beauty Consultant can choose to move up at any time no matter how long shes been in the business.

Almond Joy represents the JOY of having a business that offers personal growth and self-improvement.  This is the most important part because we believe what makes you beautiful is whats on the inside.  Many women love this business because it allows them to build their confidence, overcome shyness and enjoy personal growth.

3 Musketeers represents the three PRIORITIES that this Company was founded upon: God first, family second and career third.  I truly believe that most women seek to live their lives by these priorities. But often the corporations or employers we work for don't hold this same priority!  Mary Kay, the woman, felt so strongly about this in 1963 that it would be the foundation upon which her Company was built, and it still holds true today, 40 years later.

Milky Way represents that we have NO LIMITS in our business.  Any woman can choose to advance as far as she wants to go.  The sky's the limit!  You may not even be able to see it yet.  It's whatever you want it to be.  Any Consultant can truly set her own goals based on her personal situation.

Life Savers represents our AWESOME PRODUCTS.  To many women, they truly are lifesavers.  And Mary Kay is the best selling brand in the combined categories of facial skin care and color cosmetics based on the most recent industry sales data and actual Mary Kay sales.

Extra Gum represents the EXTRA's that are part of having a home-based business.  They include being your own boss and setting your own hours so you can be with your family when you want to.

Snickers represents the girl fun we have.  Many women are attracted to the Mary Kay business because of the awesome friends you make and the opportunity to meet lots of new women.  Most women need more fun in their lives, wouldn't you agree?

Starburst represents PRAISE and RECOGNITION.  We earn recognition for our efforts and achievements.  We praise people to success AND are rewarded with Cinderella prizes like trips, jewelry even the use of a career car.

100 Grand represents leadership and the opportunity to earn great commissions.  More than 200 Independent National Sales Directors in the U.S. have earned more than $1 million in commissions during their Mary Kay careers.

M & M's represent MEETINGS and MOTIVATION.  Mary Kay is a terrific way to build a business at your own pace with lots of rewards. What sets us apart is the ongoing education and support we receive in our business.

Twizzlers represent the flexibility our opportunity offers.  You can work this business around a very busy life and make it fit your needs.  It will adjust as you shape it into whatever you want it to be.

Now we'll have our quiz.
At this point, the Consultant holds up each item and asks the guests what it represented.
"Now tell me YOUR favorite one and I'll give you the candy bar!"  As guests choose a favorite one consultants ask why they liked that one. 


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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Failure, the BACK door to SUCCESS!


I hope you are well and enjoying a beautiful October day! 

I've been reading one of my favorite books entitled  "Let Go of Whatever Makes You STOP!" by John L. Mason.
Listen to his thoughts in the chapter entitled "If You're Not Failing, You're Not Growing".
"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure.  If you're not failing, you're not growing!  When successful people stop growing and learning it's because they become less and less willing to risk failure. 
We all make mistakes~ especially those who do things!  Failure is usually  the first necessary step toward success.  If we don't take the risk of failing, we won't get the chance to succeed. 
Babe Ruth said "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way"....he was the home run king AND the strike out king!  
Stop trying to be perfect.  The only people who never 'fail' are those who say nothing, do nothing and attempt to be nothing. When we fail we become more humble and hopefully, more teachable.  Also others like us better because they can relate to us more easily! 
The fact is that you're like a tea bag.  You won't know your own strength until you get into some hot water. 
Henry Ford, the most successful car maker of all time said "Many defeats are only installments to victory.  Some people learn from their mistakes; some never recover from them.  Learn how to fail intelligently.  Develop success from failure."  (Remember, Mary Kay Ash's first skin care class as only a $1.50 in sales!  Hardly a success....but she learned how to be better and kept on trying!  How tragic it would be, had she felt embarrassed and quit!!!)
Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.  Most people think of success and failure as opposites, but they are actually both products of the same process.  Your season of failure is the best time for sowing your seed of success.  Successful people are not afraid to fail. They go from failure to failure until at last success is theirs.
The BEST way to accelerate your success is to DOUBLE YOUR FAILURE RATE!
So let's remember what a very wise man once told me..... "Priscilla, I'd rather that you attempt something great and fail, than attempt at NOTHING and Succeed!"
Wise words, indeed. 
Blessings to you~ Here's to your "failure" AND your SUCCESS!!
Priscilla McPheeters 


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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Something to Smile About

Mary Kay Ash
I'd like to share with you some wisdom from Mary Kay Ash and her book "From My Heart to Yours."

"A Chinese proverb says 'Man who does not smile must not open shop!'  That still holds true today. The person with a radiant, much-used smile has a far better chance of succeeding than one with a glum, seldom-used smile.  In fact, a smile is more important than the clothes you wear.  For example, perhaps you recently met someone you had not seen in a long time.  You probably remember well how that person looked---smiling and happy or sad and forlorn.  But can you recall what the person was wearing?  Probably not. 
"Abraham Lincoln once said, 'most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.'"
"It's up to us to make up our minds to be happy and grateful.  We can draw people to us when we have smiling faces. Have you ever noticed how we avoid negative people, even unconsciously and yet we are eager to be around those who are happy and smiling?"
"Many years ago I read in a newspaper the story of a small boy who had come in contact with an unguarded live wire.  The wire had touched one side of his face and burned and paralyzed it.  In court the boy's lawyer asked the child to turn toward the jury and smile.  One side of his face smiled while the injured side puckered up in a hideous contortion.  It took the jury only 20 minutes to award the boy $100,000.  That was certified as the legal value of a smile.  If a smile is worth $100,000 when it is lost, then it must be worth at least that much while it still exists.  If you are not using your smile, you are like a person with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook!  A friendly smile and genuine interest in every person we meet is essential to a successful life.  It also enriches the lives of the people with whom we come into contact.  People often are discouraged and your smile may just give them the courage to hope and continue on.  There is not a better way to spread happiness to others and yourself than to smile!"
Thank you Mary Kay, for these words of wisdom!
"A cheerful look brings JOY to the heart...." Proverbs 15:30

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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Thriving While Surviving!

Eileen, Priscilla and Julie

Have you ever been at a place in your life when you feel just to "survive" is to succeed?  Then you will be BLESSED by hearing Julie Oltjen's "Thriving while surviving!"
You may remember Julie.....she is a personal recruit and offspring Sales Director of Eileen Huffman....Julie was on dialysis for three years until she received a new kidney this time last year! (I was the blessed donor!) :-)
Julie spoke at our most recent "Taste of Success" workshop.  You'll be inspired and motivated by her fifteen minute talk on how to "Thrive while Surviving!"
It's on our website,, on the homepage.
Enjoy this inspirational message, and feel free to share it with anyone whom you believe will be encouraged by it!
With love and confidence in you,

Call the Hotline Daily for Inspiration, motivation and recognition!

Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Hot News!! April 20

Dear Friends!!

Thanks again for your continued faithfulness to your Mary Kay business and your commitment to enriching women's lives!

Our wholesale production for the month of March placed us as the #1 unit in the company out of 10,500 units!!! Thank you for investing in your dreams and enriching women's lives.  Our goal is to be #1 at Seminar this year!!

We have added a very special career conference speech on our website by
Million Dollar Director Jeanie Martin.  In her powerful speech she talks about Top Director Eileen Huffman who passed away December 1st.  Jeanie shares the impact that Eileen continues to make on thousands of people.  I was so impressed with her speech that I want to draw your attention to it and encourage you to listen. It is around 25 minutes long and will empower and touch you.

You may listen online on the
Audio section of our site, as well as on the Podcasts page where you can also download the entire speech if you wish.

Jeanie and Eileen in Sweden enjoying a Top Director Trip!
Priscilla's Hotline: Updated weekly, approximately 15 minutes long. Priscilla's Hotline this week covers the topic "Closing the recruit...overcoming objections." Phone number is 951-262-1059.

Sunday, April 25th Sweet Elite Call at 9:00 p.m. join us with our fantastic guest speaker! 605-475-4860 access code 934998#.

Local upcoming events and announcements
Taste of Success May 15th in Lawrence, KS with
Top Director Andrea Shields. See the Legacy Unit website for the flier.

Quote of the Week
If today you are willing to do what others won't... in the future you'll be able to do what others can't!!
Here's to YOUR SUCCESS!!


Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director

Hot News!!

I have GREAT News!!

Our wholesale production for the month of March placed us as the #1 unit in the company out of 10,500 units!!! Thank you for investing in your dreams and enriching women's lives.  Our goal is to be #1 at Seminar this year!

Scott Huffman

Our Sweet Elite Speaker for this week is Scott Huffman. Call and listen to this encouraging and moving message ...we are so grateful to Scott for continuing to inspire and support us even after the loss of his wife, Top Director Eileen Huffman on December 1, 2009.

The Playback number is  605-475-4898, access code 934998#.  The call will be available for you to listen to until Sunday, April 18th when we will have another fantastic guest speaker!

Priscilla's Hotline: Updated weekly, approximately 15 mins. Phone number is 951-262-1059

*POWER Call Monday at Noon CST OR Wednesday night CST at 9:00. Phone number is 605-475-4860

"Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until all the finished"
1 Chronicles 28:20
Here's to YOUR SUCCESS!!

Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director