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Hot News!! May 25

"From birth to age 14, a woman needs good parents and good health. From 14 to 40, she needs good looks. From 40 to 60, she needs personality, and from 60 on, she needs cash!"
Mary Kay recommends that to earn respect a woman should remember the following:
Don't whimper, cry or pout to win a point:
Don't be late:
Don't be afraid to take a stand; and
Don't ever lose your control or your cool head!
She says
"there is absolutely no reason why a woman should not succeed in business if she is humble enough to work hard, ask questions of and listen to smart people and, take God as her business partner!"  I recommend that you read this amazing and delightful book!
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I want to THANK YOU for being a part of our Legacy!  Marvelous things are happening in our unit and our soon to be National area... women are stretching and growing in ways they NEVER thought possible! PLEASE let me know HOW YOU want to grow your dreams and goals through your Mary Kay business, and know that I am HERE FOR YOU!!!
Today I re-read some of  Mary Kay's book "Miracles Happen".  In her chapter entitled "How to Succeed in a Man's World by Really Trying", she reminds us:
The Mary Kay Opportunity presented by Priscilla McPheeters

Our Sweet Elite call with Cadillac Sales Director Teresa Lischwe has received such rave reviews that we will keep it up until Sunday May 30th when we will have another AMAZING guest speaker!
The playback number is 605-475-4898 access code 934998#.  It is also on our website!
will probably sell out by the end of the WEEK!
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