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What A Company!!

Priscilla with Ryan Rogers and Top Director Andrea Shields

Dear Priscilla

Our company continues to AMAZE me with their generosity and vision for our future!  As many companies deal with massive layoffs and hiring freezes (a local well respected hospital just laid off over one hundred nurses....local schools have "frozen" pay increases and also are not hiring) Mary Kay Cosmetics continues to INCREASE our financial future by offering amazing bonuses and incentives. In the twenty- two years I've been building my business our company has never disappointed me.  The career path is simpler and more profitable than ever before and it just KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

Listen to this....
At Seminar our founder's grandson Ryan Rogers our companies Vice President of Strategic Initiatives announced that he's decided to do a TEN CLASS WEEK in honor of his grandmother Mary Kay Ash (who held many a ten class week in her prime!)  As I write this message Ryan is holding one of his TEN CLASSES!!
AND.....for those of you who CHOOSE  to promote yourself to the position of Sales Director by January 1st...
Ryan Rogers will present you with a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CHECK at our Leadership Conference in Houston!!  How blessed we are to be associated with a debt-free family owned and operated company, where we can promote ourselves IF and WHEN WE DECIDE!!
ALSO, for the
FIRST TIME in Mary Kay history, FUTURE DIRECTORS AND DIRECTORS IN QUALIFICATION will be invited to attend Leadership conference and will be given the $135 registration FREE!! (For details check your In Touch website.)
Our goal is to take THIRTY OF YOU WITH US!!  Twelve NEW SALES DIRECTORS in the Legacy family, the rest DIQS and Future Directors....let me know ASAP if YOU WANT TO JOIN US in Houston in January!!

Here's to your SUCCESS!