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Hot News!! May 18


Be sure to share my marketing opportunity with your customers to enter their names into a drawing for $100 of FREE MARY KAY PRODUCT from my office!  The CD, called The Mary Kay Business Opportunity is only 24 minutes long and instructions on how your customers can be entered are also available on this site.

Teresa Lischwe

Our Sweet Elite speaker was CADILLAC DIRECTOR TERESA LISCHWE from Pennsylvania!!  Born into a wealthy family in Peru, she came to the U.S. as an exchange student.  She was teaching at a college when she started her business over 16 years ago. She has a large unit of hispanic consultants and several offspring Sales Directors.  She and her husband moved many times since she began her business, and at one point her husband suggested she that she quit her Mary Kay business...listen to why NOW he is thrilled that she DIDN'T!! 
Playback # 605-475-4898 access code 934998#

Join us for the LIVE Sweet Elite call Sunday, May 23rd when we will have another Fantastic speaker! 9:00 p.m. CST.
Live call # 605-475-4860 access code 934998#

Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas still has spaces left and will probably sell out within a couple of weeks!  Don't miss this LIFE-TRANSFORMING and BUSINESS-TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE!!  Register online today at Mary Kay Intouch.

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Quote of the Week
"The dream I have for you soars on silver wings.  Seminar is the place where your dreams are given the power to move forward.  You'll have more knowledge, information and inspiration to soar higher than you have ever before." ~Mary Kay Ash

With love and gratitude,
Priscilla your soon to be Million Dollar NSD!