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Hot News!! Mission Million


We are
RUNNING with STRENGTH AND COMMITMENT TO THE FINISH LINE TO WRAP UP THE MILLION in honor of Eileen!! Thank you sooo much for whatever you choose to order in the month of JUNE, and for your support!!

Remember that this month
every consultant who orders at least $400 wholesale ($800 retail) will receive a very special gift from me!

You will receive
YOUR CHOICE of the following: a "mystery gift" from the Top Director Greek Isles trip, OR, a Set of TIMEWISE REPLENISHING SERUM C, or a MICRODERMABRASION SET OR a DAY AND NIGHT SOLUTION!

Thank you for your trust in my as your leader. I cannot imagine this journey without my wonderful unit!

If this is not a good time for you to place an order,
please join us by praying that we WILL reach our goal so that I will have the privilege of telling Eileen's story from the Seminar Stage in Dallas.

(note: if you have already placed an order for the month of June and want to add to it to total $400 to receive your special gift that is fine.)

Our son Paul wrote me a poem when he was eleven to encourage me...I want to share it with you!

"Keep Going On"

Keep going on, never look back.
Keep going on, stay on track!
Keep going on, never stop.

Keep going on and SOON you'll reach the TOP!
Keep going on, never quit.
Keep going on, don't act like a nitwit!!
Keep going on with the strength of a bear.
Keep going on and SOON you'll be there!!"

Okay, it's not exactly Longfellow, but it motivates me!

With Love and Great Expectations,
Eileen Huffman as an "Energizer" bunny!

Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director