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Weekly Power Call

Priscilla enjoying the 2008 top director trip in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden!

Beginning this week you're invited to join us for Wednesday POWER CALL! It's at 9:00pm CST and will last about thirty minutes. Join us to share great news, business and growth ideas, be encouraged and ask training questions if you like!  The conference call number is 605-475-4860, access code 934998#.
Have you ever heard a woman say, "our country's in a recession so I've decided to cut back on cleansing creme and mascara".....I don't THINK so!!!
The following women are enriching women's lives, having fun and making great $$!
Sales Director Angela Jacobson last week sold $2,100 in Mary Kay product!  She shared the product with EIGHT women ($162 per face!) and had over $800 in reorders! 
Sales Director Jil Johnson sold $1,050 last week during ONE class and a facial!!
Chanel Watson, (22 years young) sold $2,200 last month, had eleven parties, recruited FIVE new team members and is on TARGET for her FREE CAR!!
The Mary Kay opportunity is ALIVE AND WELL! All we have to do is ASK.
Aren't we THANKFUL that our founder Mary Kay Ash had the wisdom to select a recession-resistant and consumable product as a vehicle to enrich women's lives?!!
with love and belief in you,
"Whatever you dwell upon becomes increasingly prominent in your own mind." Tommy Newberry, author of THE 4:8 PRINCIPLE  (amazing book, by the way!  I highly recommend it!)

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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director