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Hot News!! May 11

Greetings!! We have added "The Mary Kay Opportunity" by Priscilla McPheeters to our website.  This 25 minute cd is great training for consultants and is appropriate to share with your prospective team members!  The Follow Up Questions to the CD are available on the Legacy Unit site. To order more copies of the CD notify Gina, my office assistant. ( or 913-238-3276)


Our Sweet Elite speaker was a very special friend and mentor, Sr. NSD Janet Tade. She recruited only 5 or 6 women in her first 5 years in Mary Kay and then decided to quit.  Listen to why she didn't!!  She's the sister of Linda Robinson, who spoke 3 weeks ago, and they both grew their businesses in a town of less then 100 people!  Janet’s highest check is $43,000 in one month! Playback # 605-475-4898 access code 934998#

Join us for the LIVE Sweet Elite call Sunday, May 16th with guest speaker, Cadillac Director Teresa Lischwe from Peru!  9:00 p.m. CST. Live call # 605-475-4860 access code 934998#

Priscilla's Hotline - Updated weekly, approximately 15 mins. Phone number is 951-262-1059

Local upcoming events and announcements

  • Taste of Success May 15th in Lawrence, KS with Top Director Andrea Shields! Tickets are still available! See the Legacy Unit website for the flier

Quote of the Week
"Call unto me and I will answer you, says the Lord, and show you great and mighty things!"
Jeremiah 33:3
With love and gratitude,
Priscilla, your soon to be Million Dollar NSD!