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Hot News!! May 4

Greetings!! We have added "The Mary Kay Opportunity", by Priscilla McPheeters to our website.  This 25 minute cd is great training for consultants and is appropriate to share with your prospective team members!  To order more copies notify Gina, my office assistant. ( or 913-238-3276)


Our Sweet Elite speaker was MILLION DOLLAR Director Krystal Downey-Shada of Idaho.  Krystal shared some of her 19 year journey in Mary Kay and obstacles that could have held her back.  She discussed "abundance versus scarcity" mentality and other core values necessary for success.  My favorite idea is "where your focus goes, your energy flows"!  She is articulate, warm, beautiful and down to earth.  You will love her! Playback # 605-475-4898 access code 934998#

Our LIVE Sweet Elite Speaker for Sunday, May 9th is Sr. NSD Janet Tade. 9:00 p.m. CST. Live call # 605-475-4860 access code 934998#

Priscilla's Hotline: Updated weekly, approximately 15 mins. Phone number is 951-262-1059

Local upcoming events and announcements

Taste of Success May 15th in Lawrence, KS with Top Director Andrea Shields (See the Flyer)

Quote of the Week
"Discipline is remembering what you truly want"!

With love and gratitude,

Priscilla, your soon to be Million Dollar NSD!