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Eileen's Blessing to Us!

I want to share something very special and personal with you today. This day last year, our precious friend Eileen Huffman passed onto Heaven.  She was a top director in our company and impacted tens of thousands of people with her faith, cheerful attitude and gracious spirit.  When you love someone as much as I loved Eileen, you want to share her life and message with others.

Thank you for allowing me to do so with you!  On November 19th, 2009 Eileen updated her last motivational message to her unit.  Little did we know that only eleven days later she would pass on.  I know that many of her friends and admirers have listened to this message, and I'd like for you to have the opportunity to hear it as well, if you like. 

The message is only six minutes long, and is priceless!

It will also be on our website before long.  If you would like to hear it, call 641-715-3900, access code 20788#.  As you listen, if you'd like to fast forward thirty seconds, press THREE~~ to back it up thirty seconds, press TWO.  To know more about this remarkable woman, check out our website at  Many of her talks and motivational speeches are there, as well as some videos of her life.

Enjoy your day, count your blessings~~ and thanks for being such a special part of my life! 



Eileen's words from caring bridge:

"Family and friends~~If you are reading this entry TODAY that means that God has preserved you for another day! We are to honor Him by putting our energy into the right things!
What is it in life you've been afraid to do or try? I am CHALLENGING  you to  STICK your face into the sun and claim what a glorious day it is to be ALIVE!  I want you to DO SOMETHING YOU'VE FEARED. Step out on FAITH, and  the exhilaration you will feel will let you know YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

love and blessings to you, Eileen"     
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Priscilla McPheeters
Circle of Excellence Executive Senior Sales Director