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Inspiration, Motivation and Training by Elite Executive Sales Director
Priscilla McPheeters

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The Mary Kay Opportunity presented by Priscilla McPheeters (24:42)
(You may download and burn your own CD or, for your convenience, you may order copies at a nominal cost directly from TruthOnTape.com or by calling 1-800-444-9987.)
The Mary Kay Opportunity
Legacy Unit Consultants: below are the companion questionnaire to my marketing CD and the interview guide for your customers to be entered into the drawing for $100 free product.

Follow-Up Questionnaire

Interview Guide

Welcome, New Consultant!, by Priscilla McPheeters (20:10)
Welcome New Consultants
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Priscilla's speech to the general assembly at the Overland Park Career Conference 2010 (19:11)
Priscilla McPheeters
Training provided here is from previous recordings of Cadillac Director Priscilla McPheeters as well as other favorites of Priscilla's either produced by the company or given with permission by Directors and Nationals.
1. How to Become a Dynamic Leader, by Priscilla McPheeters, 2007 (28:41)
How To Become A Dynamic Leader
2. Team Building by Priscilla McPheeters, 2007 (21:22)
English: Team Building
Spanish: Desarrolo del Equipo
3. Is Directorship For You: 10 Principles of Success, by Priscilla McPheeters (47:25)
Is Directorship For You
4. Finishing The Race: Motivation for DIQs, by Priscilla McPheeters (40:22)
Finishing The Race
5. Overcoming Objections, by Priscilla McPheeters (12:23)
What's stopping you from going for your dreams? by Senior Director Heidi Norton (8:37)
What's stopping you from going for your dreams?
1. Priscilla's Welcome (5:18)
Track 1: Priscilla's Welcome
2. Isaac McPheeters introduces Scott Huffman (4:01)
Track 2: Isaac's Introduction
4. Questions and Answers (7:34)
Track 4: Q&A
5. Seven Questions for Scott (7:15)
Track 5: Seven Questions
Develop a Clear Vision and Build With Momentum, by Senior Director Heidi Norton (22:19)
Director Heidi Norton
How To Recruit A "Ten", by Director Lisa Chamberlain (6:20)
Director Lisa Chamberlain
Balancing Family and Career, by Director Angela Jacobson (11:04)
Director Angela Jacobson
Becoming A Mary Kay "Professional", by Director Sheila Hipp (11:32)
Director Sheila Hipp
Growing From NEW Consultant to DIQ in Thirty Days, by Director Heather Baker (24:54)
Director Heather Baker
Director's Panel (21:22)
Director's Panel
My Journey, by Andrea Shields (34:55)
Andrea Shields
Cornerstones of Success, by Andrea Shields (36:14)
Andrea Shields
Developing Discipline, by Director Heather Baker (14:54)
Director Heather Baker
Finding Your Purpose, by Sr. Director Heidi Norton (15:03)
Sr. Director Heidi Norton
Growing in the Midst of Crisis, by Director Julie Oltjen (10:52)
Director Julie Oltjen
Building Courage (plus "Rindercella!", by Paul McPheeters (17:13)
Paul McPheeters
Self-Encouragement, by Director Susan Turner (6:58)
Director Susan Turner
Many of you have requested information on how to order the CD from the speech that Scott Huffman, husband of Eileen Huffman, gave at our "Taste of Success" guest talk and workshop in February, 2010.

His presentation was extraordinarily well done. He is an excellent speaker, and shared some very dynamic material on his journey as an Olympian, (he also broke the American record in pole-vaulting), as well as wonderful stories on his and Eileen's life together and how the Mary Kay culture has so positively affected his family.  The workshop was attended by over fifty husbands (the group was 200 in number).....most  of the men decided as a result of Scott's morning talk to stay for the entire day.....something which has never happened at our workshop before.

If you desire to order it, call
Truth on Tape at 913-764-8273 and ask for the Taste of Success Scott Huffman CD. The CDs have a beautiful picture of Eileen and Scott on the cover....with a hard shell case they are $2.25 each. There is probably a minimum order of around twenty dollars.

Also something you would perhaps like to know: Eileen recorded her Mary Kay story for her unit to have prospective team members to listen to, and it is STILL AVAILABLE for you to listen to if you so choose!

It is very well done and only seventeen minutes long.....it's a moving and powerful experience to hear in Eileen's own words what she believed about this wonderful company and our opportunity....I think you will really enjoy it.

The number is 641-715-3800, access code is 65461#.
The prompt for her Marketing call is number five.

A full listing of all available MP3 recordings on this website is available HERE.