Leading the way... the Mary Kay way...

It is our great honor to have a few of Eileen’s speeches, videos, and tributes here to share with all who are a part of her continuing legacy.

I believe that if Eileen were here to see this, she would be humbly touched by the love and sincere outpouring of your hearts toward her and her family. But she would also remind us, with her sparkling eyes and winsome smile, that what would please her the most would be for us to live our lives built on the same principles she followed: To first of all, love God, through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ; second, to love our families, providing for their welfare to the best of our abilities; and third, to work our Mary Kay businesses with integrity and disciplined diligence to achieve glory for God, joy for our families, and gaining the satisfaction that comes with doing a job well.

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No doubt, some of you would like to download her speeches or videos to have available when you aren’t online. The audio-only tracks are available through the podcast. In addition, the videos are kept on Priscilla's Gallery and are able to be watched and downloaded according to your available bandwidth.